Owner Representative Services

Health-Tech Development (HTD) aids owner and companies by advising and representing the owner from the earliest stages of the project, starting with conceptual design, through the final design, permitting, pre-construction, bidding construction, commissioning, move-in and occupancy stages.

By interacting with the project team members, tracking issues, facilitating and expediting solutions, HTD represents the owner’s interest only, not necessarily the interests of the design team or contractors.

Health-Tech Development has cross disciplinary skills that can greatly benefit owners who are undertaking construction projects.

HTD can be an extension of the Owner's staff, advising the owner and acting as a single point of contact for all members of the project team. This frees ownership to focus on their core business, assured that their interests are protected by dedicated representatives throughout the course of the project.

HTD can coordinate & represent the owner’s interests, protecting & advising while maintaining the owner’s participation in the decision-making process  

Services Include:

1. Design Development Phase Services
2. Construction Manager Interview, Recommendation & Selection
3. Bidding Phase Services
4. Contract Document Phase Services
5. Project Close-Out & Commissioning
6. Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution